• NOTE

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this programme is suspended until further notice.


    UNU-EGOV has established a Government Fellowship Programme aimed at bridging the worlds of research and policy-making in the domain of Electronic Governance. It seeks as well to develop the competencies of civil servants with responsibilities on the use of ICT for modernisation and innovation in the public sector, particularly in developing countries.

    The programme is offered every year on a rolling basis, giving the fellows the opportunity to integrate UNU-EGOV’s teams for a period of three months. During the fellowship, it is possible to share experiences, benchmark, and to explore areas of collaboration in the application of policy instruments within governments, public administrations, and other relevant organisations.

    There are two selection procedures each year with the cut-off date for applications on 1 February and 1 August, respectively. Applications will be evaluated by the Selection Committee against the required qualifications and experience. A total of 12 Government Fellows are expected to be recruited each year for three-month periods starting in January, April, July, and October.



    So far, a total of 25 Government Fellows have joined the Operating UNit, from as many as 17 different countries. Oman tops the list with 7 people, followed by Brazil (3). The remaining countries have each featured one Government Fellow.

    Regarding male/female representation, the number of male Government Fellows hits 17, while the female reaches 8, for a 68%-32% ratio. The full list of past Government Fellows can be seen here.

    • Brazil: 3
    • China: 1
    • Egypt: 1
    • Estonia: 1
    • Georgia: 1
    • Ghana: 1
    • Latvia: 1
    • Madagascar: 1
    • Malaysia: 1
    • Mongolia: 1
    • Nigeria: 1
    • North Macedonia: 1
    • Oman: 7
    • Pakistan: 1
    • Russia: 1
    • South Africa: 1
    • Uganda: 1