Executive Training for Government Technology Leaders from Colombia

  • DATE / TIME:
    2014•08•25 - 2014•08•29

    Elsa Estevez, Senior Academic Programme Officer at UNU-EGOV, and Luís Paulo Santos, Assistant Professor at the University of Minho Informatics Department, jointly delivered a five-day Executive Training on Foundations of Government Information Leadership in Bogotá, Colombia. Organized by the National University of Colombia and funded by the Colombian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the training took place from 25 to 29 August 2014.


    The training was attended by 33 government technology leaders including Information Technology Directors, Managing Directors, Project Directors, Heads, Coordinators, Group Leaders, Management Consultants, etc. from various government institutions, including the Adaptation Fund, Central Board of Accountants, Colombian Geological Service, Directorate of National Taxes and Customs, Environmental Licensing Authority, Ministry of Defense, General Archive of the Nation, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice and Law, National Authority for Aquaculture and Fisheries, National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, National Parks, National Roads Institute, National Spectrum Agency, National Television Authority, Office of the Auditor General, Ombudsman Office, Salaries Retirement Fund, Special Administrative Unit for Territorial Consolidation, and others.


    The training included eight modules:

    1. Introduction to Electronic Governance
    2. Government Information Leadership
    3. Government Knowledge Management
    4. Government Information Sharing
    5. Electronic Governance and Organizational Change
    6. Electronic Governance Infrastructure and Services
    7. Government Enterprise Architecture
    8. Information Technology Governance

    Education Network Development

    In addition to the training, an invited talk entitled “GCIO Capacity Building through Education Networks” was also delivered by Elsa Estevez to senior members of national and private universities from Colombia interested in GCIO education, including Deans, Directors, Professors and Coordinators from the Colombian School of Engineering, Cooperative University of Colombia, Escuela Superior de Administración Pública, External University of Colombia, ICESI University, National University of Colombia, Northern University, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad del Valle and Technological University of Pereira. A roundtable discussion followed the invited talk.

    Project and Collaboration Context

    The training was part of the GCIO.CO project framework proposed by UNU-EGOV, implemented by the National University of Colombia and coordinated by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, aimed at developing and sustaining the Government Chief Information Officer function in the executive branch of the Colombian Government at the central and territorial levels. It was implemented through collaboration between UNU-EGOV and the University of Minho.

    Elsa Estevez in August, Bogotá 2014

    Elsa Estevez with participants of the Executive Training for Government Technology Leaders in Bogotá in August 2014.