Executive Training for Government Technology Leaders in Mexico

  • DATE / TIME:
    2014•12•03 - 2014•12•04

    The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM – Autonomous University of Mexico State), the Municipal Council of Toluca and UNU-EGOV co-organized an international training course for government technology leaders and scholars in Toluca, Mexico, between 1 and 6 December 2014.

    Trainers and Trainees

    The training was delivered by Elsa Estevez from UNU-EGOV and three international experts: Mila Gasco, from the Instituto de Gobernanza y Direccion Publica (ESADE – Institute of Governance and Public Management) in Spain; Jose Ramon Gil Garcia, from the Center for Technology in Government in the United States; and Ignacio Criado, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid Autonomous University) in Spain. A local expert, Rodrigo Sandoval Almazan from the UAEM, also contributed to the training. It was attended by over 50 government technology leaders from the national, state and local government agencies in Mexico.


    The first three days of the training comprised eight modules delivered by Elsa Estevez:

    • Introduction to Electronic Governance,
    • Government Information Leadership,
    • Managing Organizational Change in Government,
    • Government Knowledge Management,
    • Information Sharing and Interoperability,
    • EGOV Infrastructure and Services,
    • Global Trends in EGOV and
    • Policy-Driven EGOV,

    and one module delivered by Rodrigo Sandoval Almazan:

    • EGOV in Mexico.

    The last three days included five modules delivered by other trainers:

    • Open Innovation in the Public Sector,
    • Smart Cities – Challenges and Lessons Learnt,
    • Inter-organizational Collaboration and Information Sharing,
    • Cloud Computing and Electronic Governance and
    • Open Government and Social Media in Public Institutions.

    The event was disseminated through the local government website.

    Elsa Estevez in Toluca 2014

    Elsa Estevez with participants at the end of the Executive Training in Toluca, Mexico.