Executive Training for Government Technology Leaders from Saudi Arabia

  • DATE / TIME:
    2014•09•09 - 2014•09•11

    Elsa Estevez and Tomasz Janowski delivered a three-day executive training for Government Chief Information Officers (GCIO) from the Government of Saudi Arabia. Organized by the Saudi Computer Society and co-organized and funded by the Saudi National e-Government Programme (Yesser),  the training took place in Riyadh from 9 to 11 September 2014.


    The training was attended by over 20 senior technology managers from the Saudi Government including GCIOs, Information Technology (IT) Directors, General Managers and other technology leaders from various ministries, programs and municipalities, responsible for IT operations, for managing the impact of IT on government organizations and their relationship with customers, and for putting IT in service of the organization and its contribution to public policy and development.


    The content of the training was customized according to the IT policy context in Saudi Arabia, specifically to the Kingdom’s Second e-Government Action Plan 2012-2016.

    The programme included seven modules:

    1. Introduction to Electronic Governance
    2. Global Trends in Electronic Governance
    3. Electronic Governance Strategy and Alignment
    4. Electronic Governance and Organizational Change
    5. Government Information Leadership
    6. Government Information Sharing and Interoperability
    7. Electronic Governance Infrastructure and Services

    It also included discussions on: 1) the policy and practice of IT use in the Saudi Government, 2) the challenges and enablers for public sector IT to deliver public value, 3) the role and competencies required from GCIOs, and 4) how Yesser could promote EGOV best practices in the region.

    Elsa Estevez in Riyadh 2014

    Elsa Estevez trains Government Chief Information Officers from Saudi Arabia.