Emerging e-Government Challenges in Russia

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2017•05•30    11:00 - 12:00


    Aleksandr RiabushkoAleksandr Riabushko currently serves as Public Relations and ICT Project Manager for Ulyanovsk Regional Government, Russian Federation. His team promotes the Ulyanovsk region in Internet, supervises and supports 334 official websites and 85 official blogs, conducts photo and video shooting of official events, and provides language translation services for the regional government. Under his management, the Ulyanovsk region moved from 61st place to 1st place in Russian official and non-official transparency ratings.

    Working at this position from 2010, he strengthened the regional leadership in the field of transparency and ICT among other Russian regions. During the career, he launched around 70 PR & ICT projects. He also expanded the Ulyanovsk regional leadership on the global arena after successful collaboration with the World Bank and WeGO. His experience is highly appreciated at international conferences and is successfully implemented in different regions.

    Aleksandr Riabushko previously worked for three years as press officer for the regional ministry of building and public utilities. He has a practitioner’s diploma in public relations and currently finishing a Ph.D. in Political Science, St. Petersburg University, Russian Federation. Aleksandr has a number of awards and certificates from Russian and foreign organizations, including a Certificate of Completion the e-Government Program for WeGO Member City Officials in Seoul Human Resource Development Center.

    As political researcher, he has 7 publications in scientific journals (2 indexed in Scopus) and 5 publications in professional journals on public relations.


    During recent years, ICT has penetrated the government to the extent that it starts creating added value to its main activities.

    Handling EGOV challenges is the important duty of the officials in charge. The current practice shows that most of vital challenges in administrative burden reduction and public service delivery emerge when it comes to the phase of communication and data release. Officials now need to be very careful when communicating with the audiences via different communication channels. This is especially important while promoting the benefits of public services, because the quality and contents of communication can influence the level of trust towards these services. It appears in this phase when all the results achieved can be destroyed by bad user experience and publicity.

    In this presentation, the speaker will provide the opinion on how to handle these challenges according to the cases both from Russia and abroad. The positive and negative consequences of adjusting global frameworks in the field will be discussed. The second part of the presentation reveals the examples of how these challenges are handled in the Russian Federation through implementing legal frameworks.

    Legal aspect related to optimizing the use and benefits of IT and technology use in the Russian context have proven to be more of the main challenges to authorities, including issues such as:

    • Adjustment of the national legislation to the international law standards and entering the global ratings;
    • Bridging the newly designed regulations with the existing legal framework;
    • Implementation of the legal framework on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

    This seminar will present Russian experiences through the case of the Ulyanovsk region approach to technology and legislation to facilitate a more transparent regional authority.

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