Digital Governance in the Brazilian Judiciary: performance, projects and challenges

  • DATE / TIME:
    2022•06•07    10:00 - 11:30


    All Brazilian courts already are using electronic process systems, but they are at different levels of digital governance. There are several experiences of using artificial intelligence, automation and management from BI dashboards and virtual offices. Currently, some courts are already experimenting virtual hearings in the metaverse. The objective of this lecture is to show the tools of electronic governance in Brazilian courts and analyze how they are being used to improve judicial management and judicial service for citizens, in terms of accessibility, accountability, quality and speed.


    Fabrício Castagna Lunardi – Professor of the Master’s Program in Law and Judiciary at the National School for Training and Improvement of Judges (ENFAM). Visiting Professor at the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Judge of the Federal District Court (TJDFT), Brazil (since 2009). Leader of the Judiciary Management, Performance and Effectiveness Research Center (ENFAM). Representative of the ENFAM in the Europe to promote scientific and academic cooperation with universities and judicial schools in European countries and forming international research networks. Coordinator-General of the TJDFT Judicial Training School. He was assistant judge of the Presidency of the Superior Court of Justice (Brazil) and Coordinator of the Justice Intelligence Center of the Federal District Court. He is a member of the Technical Support Committee for the creation of virtual management system for the magistrates’ office at the National Council of Justice (CNJ, Brazil). Author of more than 20 books about process, justice system and management.

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