e-Governance and Citizens (e)Engagement: Lessons Learned from Estonia

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    2017•02•06    11:00 - 12:30


    Estonia is a good test-lab to analyse if and how the simultaneousness of different societal processes, such as development of democratic state institutions, political and civic culture, and technology influences the development of state and democracy. The main question the speaker will try to answer in the presentation is: if and how do ICT influence the everyday practices – political and societal – of citizens and society as a whole? The citizens of today have higher expectations and demands, but also better skills (including ICT skills) and readiness to act as partners. They prefer to co-create instead of being passive recipients of decisions made and being governed. How to deal with these challenges? How do we make decision-making processes transparent and participative and what is the added value they bring? The seminar presentation describes some of the Estonian show-cases which use a crowd-sourcing model combined with e-tools and focuses on lessons learned from them.


    Kristina Reinsalu news itemKristina Reinsalu is currently the Head of the e-Democracy domain at the e-Governance Academy. She has been involved in several local and international research and practical projects related to open governance and the use of ICT in implementing its principles, focusing in particular on e-Participation and tools for its implementation at the local level. She has also been researcher and lecturer on social communication at the Institute of Media and Communication at the University of Tartu.

    Kristina’s latest projects include How Good Governance Works in Practice: New e-Governance initiatives in Georgia, Open governance in Estonian local governments, Implementation of the principles of open government in engaging citizens in decision-making processes in Moldova, Participatory budgeting in the City of Tartu, eCitizen II – Towards citizen-centred e-government in European cities and regions and the Electoral Compass produced for Estonia’s parliamentary elections.

    Kristina holds an MPR in Public Relations and a PhD in Media and Communications. She has had articles published in various international scientific journals.

  • Seminar Announcement - Kristina Reinsalu

    Seminar Announcement - Kristina Reinsalu (126.6 KB PDF)


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