The Journey of e-Government in Oman

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    2019•03•12    10:00 - 11:00


    The e-Government Transformation Plan is a national project that aims at accomplishing the full e-transformation in the government transactions to assure a sustainable knowledgeable society. It seeks as well the enhance of the quality of the government services and the method of providing them as per specific regulations, standards and timing stages to meet the goals of simplifying the services for the citizens, business works and governmental entities. The Ministerial Cabinet of Oman approved the e-Government Transformation Strategy in June 2012. Clear instructions and targets were given to all government agencies to improve the quality of the e-Services provided to the public, and it started with an initial measurement to identify the readiness of each entity. The journey with all the government agencies began in achieving the new e-Government Transformation strategy by forming the e-Transformation Steering committee in each entity.

    This seminar is going to highlight the early beginning of the e-Transformation project and the progress of the project emphasizing the best practices. Focusing on people and improving the communication was and still is one of the main aspects to make the project succeed by changing the mentalities of government staff from bureaucracy to communities of practice (CoP).


    Laila Al-Hadhrami is a senior executive Government e-Services with more than 13 years of experience. She started working in ITA in the e-Services Division in 2012. She has worked in different projects under the eGovernment Transformation so far:

    • Leading the UX team with government entities;
    • Reprocess engineering consultant;
    • Head of e-Transformation Building Capacity;
    • Leading the Change Management team.

    Besides her role in ITA, she is also the Head of the Stakeholder engagement team in the Smart City Platform of Oman.

  • Seminar Announcement - Laila Al-Hadhrami

    Seminar Announcement - Laila Al-Hadhrami (368.5 KB PDF)


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