Smart Cities Governance: Success Stories and Lessons Learnt

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    2019•06•18    10:00 - 11:00


    The adoption of the Smart City (SC) concept has been evolving with the growing need to utilise the technological advancements for serving communities and people and provide them with better services and solutions for their daily problems. Many implementations around this concept have been taking place around the world, yet handling such a multi-disciplinary domain, which requires engaging stakeholders from various areas with different needs and expectations, is not an easy job, as we are looking at a city level. Thus, the need to have an effective model or approach to govern the interactions and engagement of all stakeholders within this context becomes essential.

    This seminar will consist of highlights of governance practices that have been applied within a smart city context in leading countries on this domain, with more focus on Amsterdam as a case study. The case study was conducted to benchmark and explore success factors, and lessons learnt to help set policy recommendations.


    Rasha Al-Abdali is currently a government fellow at UNU-EGOV. Rasha is an Omani public official at the Information Technology Authority. She has been recently appointed to lead the IT Compliance function and its underlying national programs for both government and private sectors to govern the IT industry in Oman. She has been part of the governance team prior to that, building the IT Governance Instruments that serves different industry stakeholders such as policies, frameworks, guidelines and national industry standards. She handled different roles in Information Security and Systems Developments before that. Throughout her career, she provided consultancy services to government organizations to aid them with the best practices and guided them in the areas of her expertise.

    Rasha is actively involved in several national committees by the Omani government such as the National Unified Addressing System committee and the IPv6 national migration taskforce. She has been involved in the research area since her undergraduate studies. She presented and published some research papers at several international conferences as conference proceedings since 2007.

    She holds B.Sc of Information Systems from Sultan Qaboos University, and later was awarded a Fulbright scholarship by the US Government to do her master’s degree in the States in 2010, which was on Information Security.

  • Seminar Announcement - Rasha Al-Abdali

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