UNU-EGOV / CECS-ICS Seminar: Civil Participation in Internet Governance

  • DATE / TIME:
    2017•04•05    15:00 - 17:00

    UNU-EGOV and the Communication and Society Research Centre at the Institute of Social Sciences (University of Minho) are jointly organizing a seminar on 5 April 2017. The seminar, under the theme “Civil Participation in Internet Governance”, will feature two presentations delivered by researchers Janara Sousa (University of Brasília) and Sergio Denicoli (CECS). The first presentation will reflect on “Internet Governance in Portugal: challenges and perspectives”, while the second presentation will be about “Internet regulation and the policies in the era of digital communication”. Both will be commented by Joana Rita (School of Engineering) and Luís Amaral (Department of Information Systems).

    How is the internet regulated in Portugal? What principles, interests and debates guide the digital world today? Between the citizen-user, the big companies and the State, the internet is the constituent of, and builds, the world we live in today.



    Main Auditorium, School of Engineering
    Campus de Gualtar, University of Minho
    4704-553 Braga, PORTUGAL

  • Email: egov@unu.edu
    Phone: +351 253 510 854 (Mariana Lameiras)