A Taxonomy for Smart Mobility Services

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2016•06•07    14:30 - 16:30


    Smart City initiatives have to actively address problems that effect conditions for sustainable socio-economic development and quality of life for city inhabitants. One of the key problems, in any city, is transport and mobility. The aim of this focused group meeting is to validate a Taxonomy of Smart Mobility Services that could serve as a guide for planning, designing and building Smart Mobility Services. The taxonomy comprises seven dimensions: type of service, benefits, beneficiaries, users, technologies applied, delivery channels and functionality; a number of categories for each dimension; and possible values within each category illustrated with examples taken from the conducted case studies. The taxonomy also landscapes types, users and beneficiaries of Smart Mobility Services. The proposed taxonomy could serve as: a tool for city-level policymakers and government officials involved in planning, designing and maintaining Smart Mobility Services; a conceptual basis for business case development for such services; or a technical aid for building such services, represented in machine-understandable ways, and capturing common functionalities present in Smart Mobility Services.


    Guillermina Cledou is a full-time PhD student at the MAP-i Doctoral Program in Computer Science held by the Universities of Minho, Porto and Aveiro, Portugal. The title of her PhD thesis is “A Virtual Factory for Smart City Service Integration”. She has a Licenciado degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina.

  • A Taxonomy for Smart Mobility Services

    A Taxonomy for Smart Mobility Services (190.6 KB PDF)


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