Đikanović, Danilo

Research Assistant

  • Danilo Đikanović
    Rua de Vila Flor 166, 4810-445 Guimarães, Portugal

    Research Interests

    • Development Finance
    • Digital Governance
    • Social Inclusion


    • MSc, Statistics, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro (2019)
    • BSc, International Economics, Finance and Business, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro (2016)


    • Research Assistant, United Nations University (UNU-EGOV), Portugal

    Biographical Statement

    Danilo Đikanović is a Research Assistant at the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV), where his work focuses on digital governance, regulations and policies. He has been working for the United Nations since 2015, starting with his Business Cluster Agent appointment at UNIDO, where he enhanced the industrial development of Montenegro through cluster-based approach of internationalizing domestic businesses. This is followed by his National Consultant posts at UNDP, initially in order to prepare the Statistical Office of Montenegro to conduct its first register-based population census, as well as to digitalize Montenegrin public service through Government Service Bus system.

    He has also been in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of digital skills’ research and assisted the design of the new government model of integrated social protection and employment policies, with the goal of reducing poverty. Before his appointment at UNU-EGOV, he has also worked with the UNCDF on the implementation and scaling of the Blue Peace Financing Initiative to African river-basins, including the design of the new Blue Peace Index. His published works include subjects such as the household budget – impacts of incomes on consumption, and the role of UNDP in decreasing poverty in Montenegro. He is completing his PhD studies at the United Nations University for Peace, in the area of economic diplomacy in the fight for sustainable development.