Capacity Building Programme: launch event took place in Guimarães

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  • 2021•08•24     Guimarães

    As part of a slow return to “the new normal”, 24 August 2021 marked the launch event for the upcoming Capacity Building Programme with a visit of four high-level experts from the Egyptian National Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (NIGSD). Together with UNU-EGOV’s key personnel, the day was focused on meetings aimed to discuss further collaboration between the two institutions.

    This Capacity Building Programme, developed in close cooperation with the NIGSD and specifically tailored towards the challenges and opportunities of Egypt’s public administration, will be run during the upcoming months. The first group of 28 participants arrives in Guimarães on 26 August, with more to follow. In total, UNU-EGOV’s experts will provide several weeks of intense executive training to about 130 people until October.

    The courses address the potential, best practices, and challenges of digitalisation and smartness in a holistic, structured, and coherent approach supported by a dynamic teaching and learning methodology. The main themes are:

    • Digital Transformation in Public Administration
    • Digital Transformation and Corruption Fighting
    • Smart Governance
    • Smart Cities and Smart Communities

    Delfina Soares (left), Head of UNU-EGOV, and Sherifa Ahmed Fouad Mahmoud Sherif (right), the Director of NIGSD.