Obituary: Amílcar Sernadas

  • 2017•02•08     Guimarães

    It is with great sorrow that we share the news that Prof Amílcar Sernadas passed away on 7 February 2017. Full professor at the Mathematics Department of IST, University of Lisbon, Prof Sernadas was a renowned computer scientist and mathematician of world-wide reputation. Even more, he was a key person in the development of Computer Science in Portugal and its establishment as a mainstream research area within Portuguese Universities.

    The current work at UNU-EGOV on formal models and logics for validation of normative text (the NormaSimplex project) is deeply in debt to Prof Sernadas’ pioneering work on logical modelling of legal constraints, workflows and processes, in the early nineties. In a broader perspective, his research in design and combination of logics tailored to specific information applications, remains a main intellectual inspiration for those of us who, at the United Nations University, work in the rigorous and formally accountable development of complex systems for the digital governance domain.

    On behalf of UNU-EGOV, we wish to express our most sincere condolences to the family of Prof. Sernadas and to the University of Lisbon.

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