Argentine Digital Transformation Forum

  • 2016•03•07     Buenos Aires

    The Argentine Digital Transformation Forum (Foro Argentino de Transformación Digital) took place in Buenos Aires on 7 March 2016. The forum was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Modernization by the Chamber of Business for Software and Information Services of Argentina (CESSI) and UNU-EGOV, in collaboration with UNESCO.

    The event was attended by over 700 government officials and business leaders who presented and discussed a range of public policies being adopted by the National Government to promote more open government, more innovative economy, and more inclusive society.

    As part of the forum, Andrés Ibarra, Minister of Modernization, explained the State Modernization Plan and stressed that “We will promote the development of Smart Cities across the country. We want to put the state at the service of the people and encourage agile administration, aimed at simplifying daily life for all citizens with simple online procedures to avoid loss of time. On the other hand, we will promote an open and transparent government, accountable to and governed with people. This is only possible with open data, collective knowledge and collaboration”.

    The forum also included the presentation of the Knowledge Societies Policy Handbook by UNU-EGOV and UNESCO, and announcement CESSI and UNU-EGOV of the communique “Argentina: Public Policies for Knowledge Societies”.


    From left to right: Anibal Carmona, Elsa Estevez, Susana Finquelievich, Tomasz Janowski.