Capacity Building Programme 2022-23

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  • 2022•11•17     Guimarães

    As part of the ongoing partnership between UNU-EGOV and the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development of Egypt (NIGSD), first established in January 2021, a second edition of the Capacity Building Programme has been planned and is now underway in Guimarães. It will run into 2023 with four different courses available:

    • Course 1: Electronic Governance and Public Sector – November 2022 (underway)
    • Course 2: Electronic Governance and Corruption Fighting – January 2023 (expected)
    • Course 3: Digital Governance for Egyptian Judiciary – March 2023 (expected)
    • Course 4: Digital Governance for Egyptian Legislators – May 2023 (expected)

    Similar to the 2021 progamme, groups of around 25 participants from different areas of Egypt’s Public Administration will receive specific training tailored towards the challenges and opportunities of the country in their path to Egypt’s Vision 2030. The courses address the potential, best practices, and challenges of digitalisation and smartness in a holistic, structured, and coherent approach supported by a dynamic teaching and learning methodology.

    Also included are field visits to Portuguese authorities that work directly in the area of Digital Governance, further providing the participants with concrete scenarios and real-case applications of administrative modernisation.

    Luís Soares Barbosa, the Deputy Director of UNU-EGOV, welcomes the participants on the first day of the course.