Delfina Soares delivers keynote for PhD students

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  • 2020•02•10     Porto

    Digital Governance and Public Policies: Mutual Influencers?
    The UNU-EGOV Experience

    Delfina Soares, currently the Head of UNU-EGOV, delivered a keynote on 10 February 2020 at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Porto (FEUP INESC-TEC). The keynote was aimed at PhD students in Engineering and Public Policies, a joint doctoral programme between the University of Porto and the Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA). It is mostly focused on the development, regulation, implementation and management of network infrastructures, from both the technological and political point of views.

    Digital Governance efforts and initiatives have been proliferating over the globe. Countries worldwide are looking at Digital Governance as a major mechanism not only to transform the way their government and public institutions operate and interact with citizens, but also to boost countries’ economies and private sector transformation, as well as the way societies at large progress and become more sustainable. For this reason, countries are formulating and implementing new public policies to promote and support the Digital Governance transformation. Conversely, the development of digital governance has been assuming a crucial role in determining/influencing public policies formulation and implementation. This presentation “brings to the table” the discussion around the mutual influence exerted between digital governance and countries public policies by providing evidences for this relation based on the work that UNU-EGOV has been conducting in the area of digital governance in many countries over the world.