UNU-EGOV at the Dutch KCC Customer Contact Centre Conference

  • 2016•10•13     Bussum

    A road full of challenges and opportunities

    In recent years governments across the world have invested heavily in improving public sector service delivery. Many authorities and municipalities now have a dedicated customer contact center, a physical front office, a telephone contact point and an online self-service. The annual KCC Congress in Bussum, the Netherlands, is a unique event dedicated to these topics and the focus on the point of contact between authorities, citizens and businesses.

    Challenges such as staffing, availability of specialist departments, obtaining an integrated customer view, expand current ICT use or the flow of information and data between the front and back offices are grappled within during the KCC conference. Cases, presentations and hands-on workshops address questions such as innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in public sector service delivery.

    As part of the ongoing research on context-specific public service delivery at UNU-EGOV, Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen was invited to speak on the topic of service design, channels strategies and online self-service use by citizens. During the keynote, Morten stressed the risk of minimizing the effect of user-friendliness on the business case for online service delivery. Similarly, the need to focus on channels strategies and awareness raising to optimize citizen and business use of government online service offers was carefully considered.

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