UNU-EGOV Hosted the First Eco-Parliament Session of 2023

  • 2023•02•18     Guimarães

    Photo: UNU-EGOV / C. Braga

    In partnership with the Guimarães Municipality and the Landscape Lab (Laboratório da Paisagem), UNU-EGOV hosted the first session of this year’s Eco-Parliament at its premises on Saturday, 18 February.

    This is an annual and key initiative of the environmental programme PEGADAS – Guimarães’ Ecological Program for Sustainable Environmental Learning Development. The main goal is to raise awareness of young people from primary and secondary education who wish to inquire about sustainable development for the territory they live in.

    This first session, of several taking place during the rest of the academic year, is meant to create bonds between all participating students, and raise awareness and learn more about the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. A total of 26 students from several local schools took part. During the rest of the year, the students will work together in teams to identity environmental challenges and propose sustainable solutions. Finally, a field visit will take place at the end of the last session.

    Alongside the event itself, the students had the opportunity to meet some of the research team of UNU-EGOV, tour the premises, learn more about the United Nations and the United Nations University, and also understand how they could, in the future, aim to have a professional career in an international organisation.

    Photo: UNU-EGOV / C. Braga