EGOV.EG Project Signature

  • 2017•03•30     Guimarães

    The visit of the Vice Prime Minister for Human Rights of Equatorial Guinea to UNU-EGOV, Dr. Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, which took place on 28 March 2017, marked the signature of the EGOV.EG Project – “EGOV National Strategy for Human Rights and Development in Equatorial Guinea”. This project aims at developing a complete strategic plan for e-Governance (EGOV) for Equatorial Guinea, which addresses the real needs of the country by taking into account the critical factors that influence the implementation of EGOV and learning lessons from the international community. The project will be fully developed by UNU-EGOV during a one-year period in cooperation with the Department of Human Rights of the Government of Equatorial Guinea and is divided in four main components:

    1. a readiness assessment to to run a detailed diagnosis of the present EGOV situation in Equatorial Guinea and to establish the degree to which the country is prepared to benefit from a coherent and multi-level EGOV strategy;
    2. the definition of a strategic vision, goals, directions and concrete action lines for designing, structuring and implement EGOV policies;
    3. the development of a detailed national plan for EGOV strategic implementation;
    4. the establishment of an assessment methodology and dynamic monitoring mechanism for the design and implementation of the EGOV.

    During his visit to UNU-EGOV, the Vice Prime Minister delivered as well a keynote lecture on the theme of ICT and Human Rights in Equatorial Guinea, providing an insight into the developments being carried by the country in this area.


    Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, Vice Prime Minister for Human Rights of Equatorial Guinea (right) and Luís Soares Barbosa, Head of UNU-EGOV (left) after signing the project.