Estonian, Omani, and Brazilian Government Fellows arrive at UNU-EGOV

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  • 2018•07•12     Guimarães

    As the year of 2018 progresses at good pace, three more Government Fellows have arrived to UNU-EGOV. This is already the third time in 2018 that the Operating Unit welcomes new fellows straight from governments and governmental agencies around the world, as part of its Fellowship Programme. This time, Fernanda Pereira (Brazil), Ralf-Martin Soe (Estonia) and Hamed Al Shekaili (Oman) will stay in Guimarães between July and September.

    This Government Fellowship Programme, offered every year on a rolling basis, provides an opportunity for civil servants from public administration, government, or intergovernmental organizations, with responsibilities in the use of IT in the public sector for modernization and innovation purposes, to integrate the Operating Unit multidisciplinary teams. The fellowship lasts, usually, for a period of three months, and the Government Fellows maintain the connection and contractual status with the organization they are affiliated to. The work programme devised for each Fellow is focused on potential areas of collaboration, for example, in building capacity and applying policy instruments within governments and other relevant organizations, while contributing to UNU-EGOV research, projects, and activities.

    Hamed is currently a Senior Executive Statistics at the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of Oman. His research interests are focused EGOV measurement and monitoring, measurement of ICT access and usage, and statistical analysis. Fernanda comes from Brazil, where she is member of the public management career at São Paulo City Hall. Her research interests are related to civic technologies, open government, and transparency and open data policies. Finally, Ralf arrives from the European nation of Estonia, where he serves as the ICT Counsellor to the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of the country. Ralf’s research interests focus on digital single market, interoperability, public service provision, and smart cities.

    The three new Government Fellows are welcomed by the Head of UNU-EGOV. From left to right: Hamed Al Shekaili, Fernanda Pereira, Delfina Soares, and Ralf-Martin Soe. (Photo by Cristina Braga, UNU-EGOV)