Inaugural Lecture: PT-FLAD Chair in Smart Cities & Smart Governance

  • 2017•02•01     Braga

    On 1 February 2017, Luís Soares Barbosa from UNU-EGOV attended and delivered a presentation at the Inaugural Lecture of the PT-FLAD Chair in Smart Cities & Smart Governance. The event took place at the University of Minho, in its Braga campus, and included a keynote lecture by Gilles Barthe, Research Professor at the IMDEA Software Institute on the theme High-Assurance Software for Security and Privacy:

    “Our security and privacy increasingly relies on complex software. Yet, designing software that executes correctly and still protects our privacy and security remains a challenging task, because any flaw in the design or implementation of software can have dramatic effects. One approach to deliver software that meets its goals and expectations is to use formal methods, a broad discipline that aims to improve the quality of software artefacts by means of rigorous mathematical analysis. In this talk, I will exemplify how formal methods, andmore particularly program verification, can be used for validating the design and implementation of high-assurance software for security and privacy.”

    A round-table debate also took place after the keynote, with participation from Mário Moreira (Altice Labs), José Nuno Oliveira (HASLab INESC TEC), and Henrique Santos (Centro Algoritmi). The moderator was Sara Fernandes (UNU-EGOV and HASLab INESC TEC). The PT-FLAD Chair was created within the Department of Informatics at the University of Minho and is funded by both Portugal Telecom and the Luso-American Development Foundation. The main goal of this project is to bridge digital technologies and governances and acts as well as a collaboration and interface tool between the University of Minho and UNU-EGOV.

    Luís Soares Barbosa inaugural lecture PT-FLAD Chair

    Luís Soares Barbosa at the inaugural lecture of the PT-FLAD Chair in Smart Cities and Smart Governance