Insights from the Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2017

  • 2017•07•22     Lisbon

    Irfanullah Arfeen brings some insights from the Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2017 (MCCSIS 2017), more precisely, from the ICT, Society and Human Beings conference, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, between 20-22 July 2017.

    Arfeen presented a paper entitled Barriers to to e-Government Implementation: Multiple Case Study in Public Sector. The paper discusses common barriers to the implementation of e-Government projects. Despite a huge investment in e-Government projects, the success rate of e-Government projects is questionable. Three case studies have been conducted in different departments involved in implementing e-Government projects. Sixteen barriers found so far are concerned with organizational, political, socio-technical, behavioural, and financial aspects that affected the implementation of e-Government projects. Among those six barriers, lack of ownership of the beneficiary government entities, government staff resistance, in-adequate ICT HR policy, frequent transfer/posting of staff, in-adequate vendor experience and lack of financial resources have been found common in the case studies conducted in three Government entities. Moreover, the barriers have been prioritized depending upon feedback from the stakeholders involved in implementing e-Government projects and then validated through a survey. The findings are further analysed and suggestions have been recommended to overcome those barriers for a smooth implementation of e-Government projects in the public sector. The study provides valuable guidelines for those who are in the process of implementing e-Government projects in the country, particularly in developing countries.

    Arfeen also chaired a session titled Bridging the Digital Gap. During the session, Fathia Prinastiti Sunarso (University of Manchester, UK) presented a paper titled Assessing ICT Usage in Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises Towards Poverty Alleviation using Sustainable Livelihoods Assets and Chui Yin Wong (Multimedia University, Malaysia) presented a paper titled The Use of Smartphone and Mobile Application among Older Adults in Malaysia.