Report Launch: Internet Presence Index of Portuguese Municipalities 2021

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  • 2022•12•21     Braga

    The newest report of the project was presented in Braga on 21 December.

    This is the 11th report of the IPIC project, which was created in 1999 by GÁVEA – Information Society Observatory of the University of Minho. The main goal is to periodically analyse the online presence of Portuguese municipalities. The initiative also follows a governmental resolution, which advocates a regular assessment of the websites of direct and indirect State administration bodies. Since 2009, all 308 municipalities in Portugal have an official presence on the internet. The assessment is done through a series of scores split in four categories:

    • Content (type and frequency of updates)
    • Accessibility (ease of use and navigation)
    • Online Services
    • Participation

    As part of the event, municipalities of the entire country were invited to attend and receive certificates confirming their position the Top 10 of the overall ranking. The team behind the report features Delfina Soares, Director of UNU-EGOV, Luís Amaral, Mariana Lameiras, and Luís Miguel Ferreira, all three from the University of Minho. The event was a joint initiative between UNU-EGOV, the University of Minho, and the Portuguese Administrative Modernisation Agency.

    Delfina Soares, Director of UNU-EGOV, during the presentation of the report. Photo: UMdicas/SASUM.