Keynote Lecture at ENTER2015 Conference

  • 2015•02•07     Lugano

    Tomasz Janowski, the Head of UNU-EGOV, delivered a keynote lecture at the ENTER2015 Conference “e-Tourism: Transforming Mobility” organized by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) from 3 to 6 February 2015 in Lugano, Switzerland.

    Attended by over 400 participants, the conference has received a lot of interest from the academic and business communities working to deliver the benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to the Travel and Tourism Industry, as captures in the 800-page conference proceedings.

    The keynote lecture entitled “Policy-Driven Electronic Governance for the Travel and Tourism Sector”: 1) explained the evolution of government’s use of technology – from ICT to Electronic Governance (EGOV), 2) presented a theory to explain and predict this evolution, 3) postulated the next step in this evolution – Policy-Driven EGOV, 4) presented some evidence in support of this postulate, 5) outlined what Policy-Driven EGOV may imply for the travel and tourism sector, and 6) described what the transition from EGOV to Policy-Driven EGOV entails. The lecture was attended by about 80 participants and took place just before the closing session of the conference.

    The entire keynote lecture can be watched below, courtesy of IFITT.