Keynote Lecture at Mobile Government Evolution Forum

  • 2014•08•20     Singapore

    Tomasz Janowski, Head of UNU-EGOV, delivered a keynote lecture and participated in a panel discussion at the Mobile Government Evolution Forum 2014 organized by the Liquid Learning Group, a research and professional development organization based in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Taking place in Singapore from 19 to 20 August 2014, the forum aimed at sharing practical insights and strategies for executing successful transitions from e-Government to m-Government.

    The keynote lecture, entitled “Connecting Mobile Governance and National Development”, explained the concept and evolution of Electronic Governance (EGOV), presented the concept and the state of the art in Mobile Governance (MGOV) as a specialization of EGOV to mobile technologies, reviewed how MGOV is being applied to advance national development particularly in Small Island Developing States, and shared the outcomes of a project aimed at developing MGOV Strategy for Vanuatu and MGOV Toolkit for Small Island Developing States. The contribution to the panel discussion “Practical Experiences in Transitioning from e-Government to m-Government” focused on the key organizational, legal, infrastructural and demand-side challenges facing MGOV development, while taking into account the strategies needed to successfully manage public sector transformation and the impact of MGOV.

    The forum was attended by over 20 government officials and representatives from academia and industry, from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

    singapore 1

    Participants of the Mobile Government Evolution Forum 2014, Singapore, 19 to 20 August 2014.