Invited Lecture at the Shanghai Forum 2015

  • 2015•05•24     Shanghai

    Tomasz Janowski, the Head of UNU-EGOV, attended the Shanghai Forum 2015, a three-day conference organized in Shanghai to focus on a wide range of subjects of politics, economics, governance, society and environment, and contributed to the session “Governance Innovations in the Mobile Internet and Big Data Era: Asia’s Opportunities and Challenges”.

    The contribution “Policy-Driven Electronic Governance for Post-2015 Development” explained: 1) the impact of the digital transformation on governments, 2) the evolution of digital technology use by government, 3) Policy-Driven Electronic Governance as the next phase in this evolution, 4) evidence that this phase is happening through diffusion of EGOV to different sectors, 5) a theory to explain this evolution, and 6) why Policy-Driven EGOV is well suited as an enabler for Post-2015 Development and how it can benefit from Mobile Internet and Big Data.


    On the left, speakers of the Shanghai Forum 2015; from left to right: Lei Zheng, Fudan University, Tomasz Janowski, UNU-EGOV, Yu Shiyang, State Information Center and Jiang Yuanfu, Chinese Academy of Governance. On the right, Tomasz Janowski speaking at the forum.