MGOV for Development Presentation at ITU Telecom World

  • 2014•12•10     Doha

    Tomasz Janowski, Head of UNU-EGOV, attended the ITU Telecom World 2014, organized by the International Telecommunications Union in Qatar, Doha, from 7 to 10 December 2014.

    He contributed to the session organized by the Government of Vanuatu with the lecture “Pioneering Mobile Governance for Development – Case of Vanuatu” that introduced the recently concluded project co-funded by UNU-EGOV and the Commonwealth Secretariat, coordinated by the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO), and carried out by UNU-EGOV in cooperation with the Vanuatu Office of the Government Chief Information Office (GCIO).

    The aim of the project was to develop a Mobile Governance (MGOV) strategy for Vanuatu to help the country fully utilize the benefits of mobile technologies to strengthen public service, advance public policy and address a set of development challenges peculiar to the country. The strategy was developed by systematically learning from other Small Island Developing States on how they utilize ICT and MGOV to advance their development objectives, and adopting the knowledge obtained to the conditions present in Vanuatu. The process was developed into a MGOV Toolkit that can assist other countries in developing their own custom-made MGOV strategies.

    Chaired by Llewellyn Toulmin, Strategic iGov Advisor for the Vanuatu OGCIO, the session included Fred Samuel, the Vanuatu National GCIO, Kenfield Griffith, Co-Founder and CEO of mSurvey, and Tomasz Janowski as speakers.


    Session organized by the Government of Vanuatu at the ITU Telecom Word in Doha on 10 December 2014. From left to right: Kenfield Griffith, Tomasz Janowski, Fred Samuel and Llewellyn Toulmin (standing).