Panel Contribution to Public Procurement Workshop

  • 2015•05•29     Pontevedra

    Elsa Estevez, Senior Academic Programme Officer of UNU-EGOV contributed to the 2nd Spanish-Portuguese Workshop on Public Procurement that took place in Pontevedra, Spain, on 29-30 May 2015. Attended by legal scholars and researchers from Spanish and Portuguese universities, the aim of the workshop was to analyze legislative changes in the national laws to comply with new European directives related to public procurement.

    Elsa Estevez contributed to the panel on “e-Procurement as a Tool for Strategic Public Procurement”. Chaired by Claudia Viana from the University of Minho, the session included also presentations by German Bouso Darriba from Papilio Lawers and Jose Luis Aristegui Carreiro from Vortal. Elsa Estevez delivered a presentation entitled “Introducción a la Contratación Pública Electrónica” (“Introduction to Electronic Government Procurement”), through which she argued that Electronic Public Procurement can improve efficiency in the use of public resources and transparency of government agencies, that mature technical solutions exist in this area, and that governments should take ownership of such solutions. The presentations were followed by questions from the audience and a discussion by the panel.

    Elsa in Pondevedra

    Elsa Estevez and Claudia Viana (University of Minho) at the Spanish-Portuguese Workshop on Public Procurement in Pontevedra, Spain, on 29 May 2015.