EGOV Foundations for Smart Cities

  • 2015•10•05     La Plata

    Elsa Estevez, Senior Academic Programme Officer at UNU-EGOV, taught a PhD Course on “Electronic Governance Foundations for Smart Cities” at the National University of La Plata, Argentina, 14-23 September 2015.

    Attended by 26 PhD students from Argentina and Ecuador, the course introduced the concept of Electronic Governance (EGOV), explained the benefits and challenges of EGOV implementation, introduced new EGOV development trends including the ascendancy of local EGOV, and presented Policy-Driven EGOV as the latest phase in the evolution of technology-enabled public governance. The second part introduced the results of the IDRC-funded Smart Cities for Sustainable Development project recently concluded by UNU-EGOV including: methodology, research instruments, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the state of research and state of practice in the domain, and policy alternatives and research agenda for Smart City development in different national and local contexts.


    Elsa Estevez with participants of the PhD Course in La Plata, Argentina.