Portuguese Municipalities Internet Presence Index 2016

  • 2017•05•05     Lisbon

    On 5 May 2017, in Lisbon, took place the public presentation of the results of the 9th edition of the “Portuguese Municipalities Internet Presence Index 2016” (Ipic2016 or Índice da Presença na Internet das Câmaras Municipais). The session was attended by the team of the University of Minho responsible for this work, the Secretary of State of Local Municipalities, Dr. Carlos Miguel, representatives from Microsoft Portugal (which supported this edition of the report and hosted the event), as well as several delegates from the best Municipalities (according to the index).

    The report evaluates the presence of the Portuguese Municipalities on the Internet. To create the index, a total of 308 websites, each one corresponding to a Municipality, were evaluated and classified according to 32 groups of indicators set in 4 criteria: Content (type and frequency of updates); Accessibility (ease of use and navigation); Online Services; Participation.

    The University of Minho team behind the report consists of Delfina Sá Soares, Adjunct Professor at UNU-EGOV and Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Systems, Luís Amaral, Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems, and Luís Miguel Ferreira, PhD in in Information Systems and Technologies by the University of Minho. For the team, “the global results reveal a significant progress of the Portuguese Municipalities to strengthen their online presence, although there is still a long away to go, especially regarding the quality of the interactions with the citizens and the services made available online”.

    The report, in Portuguese only, is freely available for download HERE.