UNU-EGOV at the Week of Informatics Engineering 2017

  • 2017•02•08     Braga

    Soumaya Ben Dhaou and Nuno Vasco Lopes, both part of the research team at UNU-EGOV, delivered keynote lectures at the Week of Informatics Engineering 2017 organized by CeSIUM at the University of Minho in Braga between 4-11 February 2017.

    Nuno’s keynote, entitled “Urbanization Challenges, Smart Solutions and Smart Measurements”, aimed at introducing the urbanization challenges, discuss the smart city concept, show a handful of case studies, present indicators for Smart Cities. Soumaya’s keynote, on the other hand, entitled “e-Government Development and continuous Change Challenges: Lessons Learned from Canadian Public Organizations”, was related to how e-government projects engage public organizations in a continuous change challenge. The keynote stressed the relationship between the growing complexity of e-government development, the continuous change as well as the need to build change capabilities. It also examined the capabilities necessary to public organization to develop, progress and renew their e-government strategy.