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  • 2018•01•09     Guimarães

    Two UNU-EGOV Postdoctoral Fellows, Nuno Carvalho and Nuno Lopes, have attended the event SMARTATHON’18, which took place in Guimarães on 9 January 2018. The event, which lasted the whole morning, aimed at getting together all those who are interested in providing new ideas and solutions to face the main challenges of a Smart City, such as climate, energy, urban space, water and waste management, mobility, people, and communities.

    In a co-creation environment, stakeholders from industry, academia, local government, and international organizations, together with citizens, discussed several topics with a common goal in mind: strive for commitment towards more open, desirable, and sustainable urban futures. Together with other European cities, the city of Guimarães forms the DREAM Consortium, under which European Capitals of Culture, European Cities of Science and UNESCO world-heritage sites share Smart City commitments and challenges.

    Smart Governance for Sustainable Cities and Communities is one of the research lines of the UNU-EGOV Core Research Programme 2017-19. Previously, the Operating Unit developed, in a period of 1 year, a project on Smart Cities for Sustainable Development, which resulted in the publication of a 312-pages report: Smart Sustainable Cities: Reconnaissance Study.

    SMARTATHON’18. (Photo by Paula Peiró García, IrRADIARE)