StratICT Project: Workshop in Kampala

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  • 2019•12•12     Kampala

    As part of the StratICT Project in Uganda, which aims to strengthen the capacity of ministries, central government agencies, and local authorities in the country’s pursuit of a sound and sustainable public policy, UNU-EGOV’s researcher Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen and UTAMU’s Rehema Baguma organised a Visioning and Strategy Workshop.

    The event, which took place on 12 December 2019 in Kampala, actively engaged key institutional actors and stakeholders in developing the vision for the ICT Function in Government and the strategy for achieving that vision in order to enhance and sustain the ICT Function of the country.

    To this end, the gaps identified in the institutional, human and technical frameworks of the ICT function in Government were actively discussed with proposed solutions being brainstormed. The 35 participants were drawn from ministries, departments and agencies, and local governments.

    With a focus on the digital transformation of both the public sector and society at large, the StratICT project underpins the national development goals set out in strategies such as Vision 2040, the 2nd National Development Plan, the current e-Government Strategy and e-Government Master Plan, and the ICT Sector Strategy and Investment Plan (2015-2020).