Getachew Engida, UNESCO DDG, presents Keynote Lecture at ICEGOV2016

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  • 2016•03•01     Montevideo

    Getachew Engida, the Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, delivered a keynote lecture at ICEGOV2016 on “How can Digital Government support the development of Knowledge Societies”.


    Since the early 2000’s UNESCO has been promoting its vision of knowledge societies. In knowledge societies as envisaged by UNESCO, people have the skills, competencies and attitudes to use knowledge and information to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the social and economic development of their communities. This requires an empowering social vision that encompasses plurality, inclusion, solidarity and participation as well as respect for human rights. Digital government offers possibilities for enhancing public service delivery, improving participation in decision-making and access to information in the public domain. The presentation explores conditions that digital government strategies must embed if their potential for enabling knowledge societies is to be realized.


    Mr. Getachew Engida holds a BA Econ (Honours) Upper Second Class in Economics / Agricultural Economics at the University of Manchester, England (July 1981), and his MBA with commendations in International Banking & Finance at the City University Business School, London (April 1993). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

    Getachew was appointed as Deputy Director-General of UNESCO in April 2010. In this capacity, he supports the Director-General in crafting strategic directions, policy development and program execution. Before his appointment as DDG, Getachew served as the Comptroller of UNESCO for almost six years, responsible for the financial management of some $1 billion dollars budget over a biennium including treasury management, financial information systems, members’ contributions, etc. Responsible for making sure that appropriate delegation of authority and accountability mechanisms exist throughout a decentralized organizational set up and implement Strategic input to decision making as a Senior member of the Direction General. Interface with the External Auditor and a resource person for the Finance & Administration Commission of the Executive Board.

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