Four UNU-EGOV Adjunct Professor Appointments

  • 2015•08•05     Guimarães

    UNU-EGOV appointed four faculty members from the University of Minho as Adjunct Professors:

    1. Luís Soares Barbosa – Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics, School of Engineering, University of Minho; PhD in Computer Science, University of Minho (2001); research interests in Software Components, Services and Architectures, Hybrid Systems, Smart Cities, Trustworthy Software Infrastructures and EGOV Applications, Formal Modelling and Program Calculi, and Modal Logics and Coalgebra Theory.
    2. Delfina Sá Soares – Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Systems, School of Engineering, University of Minho; PhD in Technology and Information Systems, University of Minho (2010); research interests in Information Systems Management, Information Systems Interoperability, Simplification and Transformation of Public Administration Systems, Electronic Democracy and Participation, and Local and Sectorial Electronic Governance.
    3. António Fernando Tavares – Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and Public Administration, School of Economics and Management, University of Minho; PhD in Public Administration, Florida State University, USA (2003); research interests in Transparency, Accountability and Participation in Government, Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (EGOV), Urban and Regional Governance, and Local Government Service Delivery.
    4. Linda Gonçalves Veiga – Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, School of Economics and Management, University of Minho; PhD in Economics, University of South Carolina, USA (1999); research interests in Public Economics, Public Finances and Political Economy including Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations, Local Government Expenditure and Revenue Choices, and Sharing Fiscal Responsibilities among Levels of Government.

    The appointments are inline with the Cooperation Agreement signed between UNU, acting through UNU-EGOV, and the University of Minho on 27 October 2014. In addition to facilitating collaboration between both organizations and extending their respective capacities in the EGOV area, the appointments create an opportunity for interested academics from the University of Minho to engage in multi-disciplinary and policy-relevant EGOV research, teaching, outreach and project development.

    UNU-EGOV Adjunct Professors

    UNU-EGOV Adjunct Professors and academic staff, from left to right: Delfina Sá Soares, António Fernando Tavares, Elsa Estevez, Tomasz Janowski, Linda Gonçalves Veiga, and Luís Soares Barbosa