• 2017•07•07     Split

    UNU-EGOV researchers will be present and contribute to the 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Computer and Energy Science (SPLITECH2017), which will take place in Split, Croatia, between 12-14 July 2017, and is organized by the University of Split (FESB).

    On Wednesday 12, Nuno Lopes will chair a session devoted to the theme “Smart Cities for Sustainable Development”. The session comprises five presentations of academics from different countries regarding new techniques related to smart cities. On Friday 14, Nuno will deliver a keynote lecture on the same theme, this time focusing specifically on the notion of “smart city” by using a rigorous conceptual framework for implementing smart cities initiatives. As the world urban population is predicted to grow around 63% between 2014 and 2050, and the number of megacities is predicted to increase from 28 to 41 by 2030, sustainability challenges for cities are greater everyday and there is a need to use technology-enabled solutions for cities to become sustainable in the long run.

    Mariana Lameiras will also attend the event to present a paper entitled “Opportunities, Risks and Challenges of Using Social Media to foster Smart Governance for Smart Cities”. The paper focuses on the potential use of social media as one of the vehicles for providing smart governance for smart cities, while taking into account governance principles such as openness, accountability, collaboration, and participatory processes. The paper identifies the challenges, opportunities and risks of social media usage for smart cities to foster smart governance based on the scientific literature. The paper will be presented on Wednesday 12 during the session “Smart City – Applications”.