UNU and the Portuguese Republic sign supplemental agreement

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  • 2021•07•26     Lisbon

    On 26 July 2021, in Lisbon, the Head of UNU-EGOV – Prof. Delfina Soares – and the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs – Prof. Augusto Santos Silva – signed a supplemental agreement between the United Nations University and the Portuguese Republic, on behalf of both entities.

    This supplemental agreement reinforces the operating contributions of Portugal towards the Operating Unit until the year 2023, and is a vital input to the continued operation of the institution and its growth. The signing of the agreement comes shortly after the inauguration of the new UNU-EGOV building, in Guimarães, itself an important step for the program to become a fully-fledged Institute of the UNU, as is the wish of all parties involved.

    I am very pleased to be in Lisbon to sign this supplemental agreement between UNU and the Portuguese Republic. Seven years after the initial agreement was signed, many projects have been carried out by a multidisciplinary, multicultural, and very dedicated team. As it always has been, our focus is to generate research, training, and advisory services on digital governance and be a reliable partner to all 193 UN Member States, with a particular focus on the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. I am thankful to the Portuguese Government, the Guimarães Municipality, and the University of Minho for their consistent support towards UNU-EGOV. And I am very confident that our current cooperation with the Portuguese Republic will continue to thrive in years to come. – stated Prof. Soares after signing the agreement.

    It is with great pleasure that I have received the news of the supplemental agreement having been signed between the United Nations University and the Portuguese Republic. In a very challenging world situation, marked by the COVID-19 global pandemic and geostrategic tensions, it is of great importance that technical cooperation benefiting developing countries supported by Portugal can, through the UN University, continue. – the words of Dr David M. Malone, Rector of the United Nations University and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, on the news.

    The Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva (left) and the Head of UNU-EGOV, Delfina Soares (right), after signing the extension agreement between UNU and the Portuguese Republic (Lisbon, 26 July 2021).