Capacity Building: UNU-EGOV Training Portfolio


  • A government leader on Information Technology (IT), often called a Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), is responsible for developing and managing IT capabilities within a government organization, strategically aligning such capabilities with existing organizational objectives, and leading the organization towards adopting new strategic objectives made possible by IT.

    The Capacity Building Portfolio of UNU-EGOV is designed to equip GCIOs, at all levels of Public Administration, with some of the required competencies to fulfill their responsibilities and to enable the development of an internationally-recognized profession. Course descriptions include a reference to its main scientific area, ECTS when applicable, recommended duration in terms of contact hours, learning outcomes and syllabus.

    All courses have a flexible curriculum design which can be adapted to the context, training aims and trainees backgrounds of each Administration, Agency or Service. In all cases, however, they include an experimental, interactive component fostering group synergies and active learning strategies.

    Most courses in the UNU-EGOV Capacity Building Portfolio are formally certified and assign, on successful completion, a number of ECTS through an institutional cooperation agreement between the United Nations University and the University of Minho in Portugal.