Digital Transformation Agenda for the Republic of Armenia (DTAA)

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    Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen

    As part of a larger EU funded project the specific workpackage has been defined for the development of a “Digital Transformation Agenda for the Republic of Armenia” (DTAA). The overaching aim of the DTAA is to develop a national strategy to position Armenia as an internationally competitive digital country. The growing importance of digitalization for economic growth requires building a strong strategy to transform Armenia into one of the digital champions in region.

    Materializing the current realities and the Government’s commitment to build a strong digital society, Center for Strategic Initiatives (CSI) initiated the project of the development of Armenia’s National Digital Transformation Agenda/Strategy.

    As defined by CSI the scope of this assignment will be phased down to three stages, of which this project coveres the first two:

    I. “Think digital” workshop

    The workshop is designed for the key government leadership in Armenia and will be delivered by 2-3 top-class visionary thinkers in the field. The session will be conditionally split into several pieces: presentation of global trends; brainstorming on Armenia’s digital transformation vision and key digital development goals; alignment and complementing the discussed vision to the global trends; design of the initial structure and content of the vision; and technical aspects of the project’s next stage. A high-level vision with digital development targets will be produced as an output of this workshop.

    Timing and duration: 2 days in September 2017

    II. Digital Transformation Agenda

    After the kick-off workshop a team of experts will be created, who will carry on with the designed vision and identified goals and work on the development of Armenia’s Digital Transformation Agenda. The team, comprised of 5 international and 5 local experts, will develop the detailed vision and the strategy for digitization of the country. The agenda will provide prioritization of the sectors for digitization and design a high-level roadmap demonstrating how and in what sequence the transformation will streamline across the economy. Initial candidates of prioritized sectors are public administration, agriculture and food processing, education and transport.

    Timing and duration: 11 weeks between September and end-December 2017

    III. Sectoral Digital Strategies

    The 3rd and most comprehensive stage of the project considers developing dedicated thorough strategies for digital transformation of prioritized sectors. The assignment will be delivered by a selected consulting firm and will consist of thorough mapping of Armenia’s current “digital assets” and developing detailed action plan for Armenia’s digitalization strategy – both on horizontal and vertical streams for each of the prioritized sectors.

    Timing: Timing, 2018. Not part of this project

    • Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen
      Project Manager