EGDCV – Cabo Verde Digital Governance Strategy and Action Plan

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    Wagner Silva de Araujo


    Cape Verde is an archipelagic country with 10 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the western coast of Africa, which have been investing heavily in the EGOV development since 1998. The country attained in 2020 the High-Level Group in the Electronic Government Development Index according to the UN E-Government Survey. UNU-EGOV is a key-partner in this journey since Cabo Verde Digital Governance Strategy has been developed under a partnership between UNU-EGOV and Ministério de Modernização do Estado e da Administração Pública, throughout its Direcção Nacional de Modernização do Estado (MMEAP/DNME). 

    The IX Legislature Government of Cape Verde, aiming the accomplishment of an integrated and mobile government, recently created the National Committee for Digital Strategy and defined several initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of the public administration through the improvement on Digital Governance, alongside the duty for improvement of the Digital Economy ecosystem with investments on better internet access, technological capacitation, and innovation. Therefore, the need for a well-defined strategy for Digital Governance was considered a must in consideration of all the challenges faced in the public services provided for citizens and business, and internally in the public sector.


    To formulate the Digital Governance Strategy of Cabo Verde and to develop the respective Action Plan.


    The project consists of sourcing technical assistance services on the formulation of Cabo Verde Digital Governance Strategy and its Action Plan, including the development of methodologies for the EGOV strategy and for the Action Plan, workshops related to both deliverables, online and onsite technical meetings, and the elaboration of the final documents.


    1. Methodology for the development of the EGDCV – Cabo Verde Digital Governance Strategy (Estratégia de Governação Digital de Cabo Verde);

    2.Methodology for the development of the Action Plan for the EGDCV;

    3. Online and onsite workshops on the methodologies, SWOT analysis, diagnosis and context analysis, deliveries, support on high-level meetings with government authorities.

    4. Draft, release-candidate, and final documents. 

    • Wagner Silva de Araujo
      Project Manager
    • Luís Soares Barbosa Luís Soares Barbosa Deputy Director
    • Delfina Soares Delfina Soares Director
    • Elisabete Simões
    • Luís Nuno Barbosa
    • Erico Przeybilovicz