Expert Support for Good Practice Identification, Capacity Development, and Internationalisation to the Digital Government Authority, Saudi Arabia

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    João Martins


    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is amid a massive socio-economic transformation. The Vision2030 transformation programme ( promoted the complete transformation of the public sector, improved user-centricity, and efficient and effective service production and delivery.

    As part of Vision2030, and the ongoing digital transformation of the Saudi public sector, the Digital Government Authority (DGA) ( endeavours to improve the accessibility, user-centricity, effectiveness and quality of public service delivery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). In this context, the DGA wishes to improve technology use in the public sector by identifying good practice cases regarding the digital transformation of the public sector for domestic and international knowledge exchange. As part of the internationalisation efforts for KSA and DGA, this includes submitting good practice cases for relevant global and regional awards promoted by well-reputed organisations to improve visibility and enlarge the target audience for good practices knowledge dissemination between KSA and its international peers and partners.


    The primary beneficiaries of the project are the DGA ( As a result of the project, the capacity and ability to identify and prepare good practice cases will be improved. DGA and other KSA government entities, particularly those with initiatives selected to apply for international awards, will be equipped with the skills to identify and prepare descriptions of good practice cases and how to optimise the knowledge exchange with a global audience through applications to international awards. The secondary beneficiaries are the users of online service offers in KSA and other community members in the digital transformation field who will benefit as the knowledge, lessons learned, and expertise learned by KSA government entities from their international peers and partners is applied across the countries service offers.



    The primary objective of this project is to help DGA select and identify public sector best practices in digital transformation. This includes equipping the DGA and participating government entities with the skills and capacities to identify, establish priorities, describe and apply for regional and international awards in this area. The secondary objective is to develop the ability and provide DGA documents and materials to support DGA and other government entities with identifying good practice cases and applications to international awards.



    The following activities are planned in the context of this project:

    Collect and organise information about the awards, including publisher, scope, objectives, categories, and previous winners.
    Design a calendar of local and international awards targeted in the field of digital transformation.
    Prepare a set of general guidelines for identifying good practices for submission to international awards.
    Provide advice for identifying and selecting the national best practice cases for national and international dissemination and potential consideration for submission to international awards.
    Assist in preparing good practice cases and applications for the awards, including review of the applications and the associated documentation.


    Project outcomes include: 

    A document of the most relevant information regarding the awards, including calendar and timelines.
    A how-to manual containing guidelines for good practice development and awards applications.
    Support identifying and reviewing good practices for submission to international awards in collaboration with the project partners.

    • João Martins João Martins Senior Research Assistant
      Project Manager
    • Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen
    • Elisabete Simões