IPIC Local e-Government in Portugal: Good Practices for Government Institutions’ Websites

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    Mariana Lameiras

    This project aims at understanding local e-government in Portugal from the perspective of the local government’s web presence and the conditions and resources available in that regard. It is the result of a partnership between the Portuguese Agency for Administrative Modernization (“AMA – Agência para a Modernização Administrativa”) and the University of Minho.

    The web presence of Portuguese local governments is assessed through the implementation of a methodology that covers four main criteria, which include several specific indicators. The four criteria are: 1) Content: Type and Update; 2) Accessibility, Navigability and Ease of Use; 3) Online Services; and 4) Participation. It is the tenth edition of a series of a longstanding study about the web presence of Portuguese local governments that has been conducted by “GÁVEA”, an Observatory of the Information Society from the University of Minho. A global ranking is produced and presented (IPIC – Index of Local Government Online Presence), as well as sectoral rankings, based on the four main aspects mentioned above. To this end, there is evidence-based knowledge on the current stage of maturity of local governments regarding web presence and an emphasis on good practices that can serve as guidance and example for others.

    Regarding the conditions of local governments to manage their online presence, this study entails an analysis of the Information and Technology function (IT function) in each of the 308 Portuguese municipalities. In this regard, an online questionnaire will be developed and implemented. In addition, guidelines on the development and maintenance of public sector websites will be provided and discussed with public officials during workshop sessions to be held in different regions of the country.

    • Mariana Lameiras Mariana Lameiras Senior Academic Fellow
      Project Manager
    • Delfina Soares Delfina Soares Director
    • Elisabete Simões
    • Luís Filipe Ramos
    • João Oliveira
    • Luis Amaral