Service 360: Dubai the Model Center expert advise on public sector innovation, monitoring and measurement

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    Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen


    Dubai The Model Centre (DMC), with the support of the Executive Council (TEC) of the Emirate of Dubai in achieving its 2022 -2024 “Services 360” vision. Service 360 lays down a roadmap for the future of public sector services in Dubai.

    The vision provides a seamless, proactive, customized and integrated system that caters to customers’ expectations and needs. The vision has set a number of ambitious goals and target which will lead to great achievements upon implementation. Goals include:

    AED 1 billion (€ 250 million) in cost savings over the next five years (2022-2026).
    Eliminate 9 million customer visit to service centers.
    Save more than 300,000 working hours annually in the Dubai Government.
    Have a 90+ percent user satisfaction rate.

    After the successful launch of Service 360, DMC is designing a set of programmes and projects to achieve the ambitious goals. This includes the development of a new mechanism to lead the government efforts and ensure proper delivery of the 360 Service vision targets.


    The primary beneficiaries of the project DMC, the Executive Council of Dubai and other public entities from the Emirate of Dubai, whose work will be facilitated by the Project output. The other beneficiaries are the users (individuals and businesses) of service offers in Dubai, who will ultimately benefit from the enhanced user experience, increased user satisfaction and reduction of bureaucracy.


    The primary objective of this project is to assist DMC it its work. As part of a multi-expert Advisory Panel consisting of DMC and global experts, UNU-EGOV assists in the improvement of the DMC innovation model, relevant tools and training material, and measurement frameworks with respect to the goals for the Dubai Government and the Service 360 objectives.


    The activities of the advisory panel include:

    Take a seat on the advisory panel as established by TEC for the Project (the Advisory Panel) and attend Advisory Panel Meetings (online) as set out below and as requested by TEC (each an Advisory Panel Meeting) during the Term.
    Assist in the update of the DMC public sector innovation model and framework for the to 360 Service vision, incl. rollout.
    Assist in the development and review of tools and training material related to capability building and performance programs.
    Propose strategies and methodologies for measuring and validating customer perception and insights.
    Assist in the development and review of current approaches related to assessment (criteria, targets meeting) and recognition models to insure the vision realization.
    Provide insights on global trends and use cases with respect to innovation models, tools, skills and capacities, service production and delivery models and ecosystems.


    The project outcomes include:

    Analysis, benchmark and recommendations for updated DMC public sector innovation model.
    Ongoing expertise advisory notes and input.

    The new DMC public sector innovation model and mechanism is a key tool of the Dubai Governments to achieve its 360 Service vision. It enables DMC to minimize assistance to entities across a larger scope of services. It increases the ability of DMC and the Dubai Government to achieve targets, but also incorporates agility and flexibility to assist DMC in this work.

    • Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen
      Project Manager
    • Elisabete Simões