World Bank Civic Tech How-to-Note

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    Backhouse, Judy

    Citizen Engagement is one of the four pillars of GovTech in the World Bank Group. CivicTech supports engagement through delivering information and increasing transparency, enabling feedback and input and supporting collaboration and co-creation initiatives.

    Governance Global Practice teams within the World Bank are often involved in supporting client countries to implement citizen participation through the use of technology. Developing a comprehensive How-to-note on CivicTech will provide concrete and analytical knowledge and insights, responding to the demand from clients and partners countries. Also, this note will be beneficial for World Bank Group staff since stakeholder consultation is mandated in Bank loans and operations and CivicTech tools could be mobilized for this purpose.

    The publication will draw on the knowledge of GovTech staff in the WBG, but has also approached the UNU-EGOV to contribute their experience and expertise in CivicTech to the publication.

    The publication is expected to follow (more or less) the outline provided in the CivicTech concept note document. In particular, it is expected to be broad, rather than deep, covering all levels of CivicTech engagement. The target audience is project managers in the WBG (task-team leaders) and senior government officials. The note needs to be practical and focused on implementation, rather than theoretical understandings.

    • Backhouse, Judy
      Project Manager
    • António Tavares António Tavares Adjunct Associate Professor